Social Responsibility

The Coca-Cola Hellenic Kosovo contributes to economic success through its day-to-day business, by providing jobs in its own operations, as well as jobs in businesses it touches along the way. This is called the multiplier effect, where not only those directly employed by the business are positively affected, but also the businesses that do business with it are recreated and expanded. Establishing a long-term cooperation with SOS Village, as well as a voluntary engagement in sports, health and social awareness programs is only one of many indicators of its commitment to contributing to the well-being, needs and aspirations of the Kosovo local community.

Coca-Cola Hellenic employs more then 60 local staff members in Kosovo. Coca-Cola Hellenic dedication to enhancing the leadership skills of its staff members includes training all of its employees and assessment at their workplace. Local expertise and related management skills are viewed as an important company asset and professional and personal training and development of the local staff members have become a priority of the Company’s family in every country it operates.

The Coca-Cola Hellenic Kosovo has a presence in people's lives not only as a simple moment of refreshment, but also as an employer, a business partner, a part of the community and a global citizen. We highly value these relationships and the trust and responsibility that come with them. That's why every day the Coca-Cola Hellenic Kosovo strives to ensure that its actions in the workplace make a positive contribution to the marketplace, the environment and the communities.

The company’s commitment to social responsibility has been laid down in the Code of business conduct from which these rules are further translated into company’s policies and standards. Objectives of the socially responsible conduct are part of the business objectives of our company, as well as part of the objectives of all our managers and employees.